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Annabelle Green - Pitch Deck

 Me Hollywood Films Corporation 

Short Synopsis:
We are making the Hollywood action movie entitled Annabelle Green, the motion picture has a 100% UK Production spend enabling the filmmakers tax credit payable tax free from the British Government of 18% back after audited accounts are submitted. We can sell UK Film rights to a distributor for 10%, The Americas 50%, Europe 30%,rest of the world 10%, on delivery of the completed films, they we obtain as the producers 60% of the sales worldwide, rest is to the distributors. A Profit assured,.. as we have a brand new Hollywood Action Movie.

The film is to star Gary and Elizabeth, with a strong cast of another 150 actors from many other Hollywood Movies. The films two master scenes are an amazing fast moving action fight set in China Town London, where Mike is looking for lord chung to buy more time, his minders and 25 Chinese waiters give the gangsters a run for their money you will never believe, Mike being a weapons master of all martial arts weapons entertains the ten waiters striking them lightning fast with deadly force and supreme power from his nunchuku the scene concludes when he orders his men to shoot the whole place up and the front of the restaurant is smothered in machine gun fire, then the several black saloon cars speed away while the front of the restaurant is blown out by gas explosion.

A Unique Picture and British Film, A Birmingham nightclub owner has a team of gangsters running his club when a case of narcotics are stolen from the clubs office. by Annabelle Green. A young woman on a night out with friends, she assumes the brief case is cash, although its full of class a pure cocaine. Then the biggest Drug Lord in the world, Lord Chung is on the way from from Thailand is on his way to collect his valuable merchandise in London.


The race is on to get back narcotics worth millions of pounds before Lord Chung arrives in Chinatown,  London for the biggest multi-billion drug deal of all time with the British Gangsters, who import it direct from Columbia so when the British gangsters 


The race goes on the Black 2023 Mercedes S63 AMG Convertible, Chases the Yellow 2023 BMW M5  until they get the stuff back, Annabelle Green see the 6 O'Clock news a London crime boss has his two million pound of cash stolen from his nightclub office. A Reward is offered, terrified Annabella finds a way to return the merchandise and keep her life. Hollywood Action like never before filmed in the city centres of London and Birmingham. With 100 dancers, in the night club scene, co ordinated music, a motion picture sound track,..a very exciting fast moving action films with comedy for a global audience like never before.

Produced By: Paul Tucker
Co - Producer: Randy Turrow
Line Producer: Ken Baker
Starring: G Oldman & E Hurley, Subject to Finance high interest.
Director: Myke Macino
Writer: Myke Macino
Executive Producers: Pending
Budget: £50m GBP
Plot Development: Complete
Log Line: Action Suspense, Power & Mystery like never before.

Synopsis: Complete, Click Here.
Tag Line: Run & Hide to Survive.
The Market Size: Worldwide.
Locations: London, Heathrow, Birmingham, Liverpool & Berkshire UK.
Action Cars: BMW M5 & Mercedes S63 AMG
Days of Filming: 90 Days, 5 Day Week, 10 Hour Day.
Days of Post Production: 130 Days [ 26 Weeks, 5 Day Week].
Start Date / Prep: March 1st 2023
Prep: Shepperton Film Studios UK / 24 Weeks / 5 Day Week.
Finish Date Prep: August 1st 2023

Delivery Date Completed Film: November 17th 2023
Similar Films in the genre of: Carlito's Way 1993, Heat 1995, Casino 1995, Taken 2008 & Legend 2015.
Post Production House: Company 3

Why Invest: Producers with 40 years experiance and the blockbuster established track record with movies under their umbrella, including Braveheart, 102 Dalmations, King Arthur and James Bond Films, members of BAFTA, DGA, PGA, and WGA USA Director with powerfull vision, writer of 180 new films, investor in his own company and experiance of 20 years in film, fund raising and graduate of UCLA Film School and Central Academy of Film Art& Drama Kensington London.

Compitition Compeditors: Hollywood Studios Only, this if a studio film will have a $100m to $200m budget, our aim is to mirror the quality of a major Hollywood Studio Picture at half the cost for greater profit. And we will co ordinate a fight sceene with experianced martial artists not stuntmen like never before,...

Our Executive Team: Click Here.
Money in / Invested: £397,455.88 Cash for script & film development , meetings, set up of production companies and SPV.

Directors Vision & Mission: To provide worldwide entertainment, in theatres with passion, performance and commitment 100%.

Distributor: In selection, Paramount Studios / Warner Bros / Lionsgate & Columbia Pictures.
World Sales Forecast: $656,338,932.22, including, world theatrical, Streaming, Television, DVD, Blu Ray, Cruise Ships & Airlines plus internet downloads itunes and ipads etc etc.



Preliminary Budget Top Sheet:
Movie Magic Systems - Annabelle Green Hollywood Action Movie, Summer 2023 Locations: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, UK.A Myke Macino Film, Produced By Paul Tucker, Randy Turrow.

#Department Budget:                              £  US Dollars   -   GB Pounds:

  1. Story & Script                                       600,000    1 .00%     500,000

  2. Producers                                             1,898,000                  1,500,000

  3. Director                                               2,500,000                  2,000,000

  4. Main Cast                                          14,086,000                 12,000,000

  5. Other Cast                                          1,500,000                       1,111,100

  6. Stunts                                                    550,000                       407,400

  7. Fringes                                                   300,000                      222,200

  8. ALT Travel & Living                                800,000                     600,000

  9. Total Above The Line                        20,942,501                 17,840,700

  10. Production                                            2,250,000                 2,000,000

  11. Art department                                     8,100,000                6,000,000

  12. Cameras                                                   632,000                   500,000

  13. Lighting                                                     540,000                   400,000

  14. Sound                                                        470,000                   400,000

  15. Hair & Make Up                                        150,000                    125,000

  16. Wardrobe                                                  225,000                   250,000

  17. Action Cars Hire & Purchase                632,000                   500,000

  18. Helicopter Hire                                        750,000                    555,600

  19. Construction                                           1265,000                  1,000,000

  20. Props/Weapons                                       540,000                   500,000

  21. Set Dressing                                            540,000                    420,000

  22. Transportation                                         675,000                    500,000

  23. Locations                                                  525,000                    1,000,000

  24. 2nd Unit                                                     675,000                    500,000

  25. Editing                                                        600,000                    444,400

  26. Post Production                                       750,000                     555,600

  27. Post Sound                                               1,350,000                   1,000,000

  28. VFX & Lab                                                  2,160,000                    1,600,000

  29. Music                                                         1,320,000                    1,000,000

  30. Publicity                                                    750,000                       510,000

  31. Insurance                                                 900,000        1.50%     666,700

  32. Legal                                                          300,000                      222,200

  33. Office Rent                                                150,000                        120,000

  34. Total Below The Line                               26,992,433                  21,269,500

  35. Contingency                                             6,000,000  10.00%     4,444,400

  36. Covid Contingency                                  6,000,000  10.00%     4,444,400

  37. Completion Bond                                      1,200,000   2.00%      888,900

  38. Development Fee                                      300,000     1.00%       500,000

  39. Executive Producers Fees                       825,000                      611,100

  40. Grand Total Budget -                              $63,287,334              £49,999,000

Mr. Myke Macino is the founder world president & CEO of ME Hollywood Films Corporation incorporated in 2021 he has deep experience of the motion picture business including, international production, television, writing, multi camera directing and corporate leadership. With 25 years of experience on set and gold standards in business, Mr. Macino makes Hollywood Films which sell worldwide for top dollar  CV - Resume  &  Biography.     

The 180 Hollywood Movies he created to entertain the whole world is proof of demonstration that Myke is truly a unique man. He is Currently working on two big action movies in Miami, LA & Budapest Tear of a Gangster & 21 Seconds to Liv. ......Myke Macino own's the Intellectual Property of 180 Movies that he created for the world see our Production Empire.                  Todays News.


Please do not visit any of our global offices without an appointment, Or to deliver mail or anything else. As you will not be seen by any executive and security will not allow you into the buildings. CCTV & 24 Hr Camera Operations in Progress. Nor do we accept any unsolicited phone calls, or material, scripts, gifts, e-mail's or faxes or anything else. All emails , phone calls and communication is fully  monitored twenty four hrs a day, seven days a week by and  our international security division, see our  Legal disclaimer Click here.

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