Cassandra Wallace International Vice President:

ME Hollywood Films Corporation.


Cassandra Wallace joined ME Hollywood Films corporation in 2021 as international vice president, after she met our CEO Myke Macino while he was doing a movie deal with a private bank in Florida, she was born and raised in Washington State. Cassandra began working in the accounting & corporate finance field. Cassy is working on the Phantom of New York Movie and also Jewel Jones.

Her International Television Series she decided to work on are, Holiday and Vegas Blues.

She also currently owns her own tax practice and is a senior tax accountant with the Enrolled Agent designation; she enjoys helping people save money on their taxes. In an effort to be more involved in her local community and to seek new avenues for her volunteer work, she became involved in pageantry in 2019. She is an highly qualified licensed EA not a normal CPA.

She earned the titles of Miss. World America, and Ms. World International, Mrs. Pageant Planet Best of Fitness for all Miss Pageants worldwide for 2019, Pageant Planet Best of Fitness 2020, and Pageant Planet's Top 10 Evening Gown of 2020.

She is currently the World Class Beauty Queen of North America & Ambassador for 2021. Cassandra leverages her titles to continue to reach out locally and internationally. Her local platform is Fishline, a food bank in Poulsbo, WA, that operates a grocery store style food bank, provides packed lunches for school age kids, facilitates emergency housing, and has an onsite garden community member can volunteer to grow items to be donated to the food bank. Internationally.

Cassandra is also an ambassador for the Ligue Nationale De Football Des Jeunes D’Haiti(LNFJH). This is the official, and only, youth soccer league in Haiti, and was launched in 2020. Young players’ participation is entirely subsidized, and allows them to experience an atmosphere that promotes both physical, emotional, and social growth. Additionally, as an Ambassador she participates in a mentorship program for young women that is designed to promote personal and professional growth. Todays News.

Dreams come true at ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles,.......And block buster movies is what we do everyday.

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