Chris Nassif, Executive Co - Producer:

ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles.


Chris Nasiff is an executive producer for ME Hollywood  and he joined the corporation in 2020, when he met  ME Hollywood Corporation CEO Myke Macino in his restaurant in Beverly Hills CA -  IMDb  Mr. Nassif produced the Jeepers Creepers Movies and another twelve Hollywood Movies so far,..


Also known professionally as Chris Nassif, started his career after graduating USC at 21 as the youngest person in America to start a talent agency. His illustrious career in the entertainment industry has continued on for the past 35 years. During that time, he has represented actors, directors, producers, editors, and has packaged many television and feature film projects. In February of 2000, he decided that he wanted to expand his representation abilities more broadly than the traditional talent agency model and merged C.N.A. with Premiere Artists Agency to form Diverse Talent Group.


Nassif's business philosophy is to help clients broaden their expertise into new areas of the entertainment industry. He has set up production companies, crossed music stars into television and film, and helped writers to become successful directors.


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