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ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles.

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ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles was founded by Myke Macino in 2021 as a new entertainment company & motion picture group, today our expansion into the United States, Europe & Asia allows us to be committed to high quality global entertainment across the entire board of on screen entertainment, and we firmly believe that global entertainment can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.
We specialize in writing and directing our own Hollywood Action movies and original content slates of international TV Series & TV and theatrical movies. We hire over one hundred executives, located at ten international offices, and produce one to two big budget theatrical features per year. As Well as develop write, produce and license our own international television series of original content.

Today we own over 180 Movies and  titles, including worldwide theatrical movies, written, developed and financed by CEO Myke Macino, he has raised over $640m USD. Financing Films, TV and now moving into Hotels, Casinos, Shopping Centres and Cinemas.
We are here to do business with you, we use a strict no names policy on executives, except for our top twenty five divisional executives. However we do announce the names of our celebrity executives from time to time.
We are a division of ME Hollywood Holdings Corporation Worldwide. To see our top twenty five corporate executives by division please,
Click Here.  For Corporate Careers or employment in production in the United States, Europe or the United Kingdom please, Click Here.

Talent Agents, Managers, Artistes and all featured talent must consent to enter the scanning rooms for CGI and also consent to Covid 19 Testing if required,.

Dreams come true at ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles,...And Block Buster Movies is what we do everyday.

                 All enquiries write to ME Hollywood Films Corporation in Los Angeles  CA or Tel:
+1 213 788 7770.
                    Contact Our London UK Offices: Click Here.   Contact Our  Los Angeles CA Offices: Click Here. 




ME Hollywood Films at,..

Please do not visit any of our global offices without an appointment, Or to deliver mail or anything else. As you will not be seen by any executive and security will not allow you into the buildings. CCTV & 24 Hr Camera Operations in Progress.nor do we accept any unsolicited phone calls, or material, scripts, gifts, e-mail's or faxes or anything else. All emails , phone calls and communication is fully  monitored twenty four hrs a day, seven days a week by and  our international security division, see our  Legal disclaimer Click here.

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