Randy Turrow, Executive American Vice President:

ME Hollywood Films Corporation.

Randy Turrow  joined ME Hollywood in 2018 as head of Production at ME Hollywood offices in West Hollywood Los Angeles CA, Randy is  also responsible to pre produce films and put togeather the best film crews, to create worldwide entertainment and over seeing global line producing operations. He was recently promoted to American Executive Vice President. After being introduced to CEO Mr. Macino by a Major Hollywood Actress.


Mr. Turrow Lives in the Malibu area of California, near Los Angeles and has been a film producer 30 years in Los Angeles CA and alreay produced over 35 Hollywood New Films,. He is a American Football Fan of the LA Rams and often plays a round of Golf. Another valuable asset to the ME Hollywood Films corporation, the pride of the American Film Industry. IMDb.

n his  recent production in December 2016, Mr. Turrow returned to his roots as a DGA Assistant Director and led a high-quality production team in delivering the picture with no overtime and two full days ahead of schedule and before that, he completed shooting for Warner Bros. Studios, the introductory presentation with host Ellen DeGeneres for their brand new multi-million-dollar interactive backlot tour. Primarily though, both in 2015 and 2016, Mr. Turrow's attention was focused on successful seed funding for slate packaging and financing.

Mr. Turrow began his career in the ubiquitous 'mail room' of International Creative Management (ICM), and has gone on to be recognized by his peers as both an outstanding PGA Producer/Line Producer and DGA Unit Production Manager. Mr. Turrow's early work at the visual effects/CGI firm, Shockwave, included projects such as Titanic and Starship Troopers where Turrow first learned the technical background to manage VFX productions. Further, from producing Adam Sandler's and Billy Bob Thorton's first feature to MTV's #1 music videos and TV shows, Turrow has repeatedly demonstrated his management as well as consulting skills to both simplifying complex projects to an appropriate budget, including his ability to enable smaller projects as to merit perceived enhanced production value. A creator of forward thinking financing and incentives plans for the new transmedia platforms, Turrow utilizes this invaluable expertise for producing independent motion pictures with both financial and creative centrics.

In more recent previous years, Mr. Turrow received recognition, nominated as 2013's Best Producer at Madrid International Film festival, as well as having domestic festival success on his line produced Spring 2014 theatrical release of Decoding Annie Parker with Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton and Aaron Paul. In 2014, Mr. Turrow was involved with several projects including supervising for the completion bond company, using Puerto Rico's tax rebate program prepping Extortion with Academy Award nominated Barkhad Abdi as well as line producing and posting the supernatural teen thriller, In Extremis with Tobin Bell, plus both producing as well as setting up distribution for Junction with Rance Howard and Cary Tagawa, plus having line produced Free Fall with Malcolm McDowell which had its released in the Fall 2014.

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