Stephanie Martin, Executive CEO PA, UK & Europe:

ME Hollywood Films Corporation.

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Stephanie Martin, Executive PA to CEO Myke Macino in the United Kingdom and Europe. Stephanie joined ME Hollywood Films Corporation in 2020, previously working at Goldman Sachs Investment Bank. She met Myke Macino and loved the movies he created for the world. When he said to her my job is to entertain the whole world, she asked if she can work for Macino Entertainment Hollywood Corporation and soon she became a part of the Magic of Hollywood.

Stephanie's responsibilities include:

Monitoring and reporting the CEO's email's and responding if required, Preparing communications on behalf of the CEO, Answering his phone calls, emails, and organising his travel and itineraries, Organising and planning corporate and CEO meetings, taking notes and writing minutes during meetings.

Stephanie has a husband and two children and lives the the Maida Vale area of London. She is a valuable asset now to the corporation and runs the CEO's London offices with her two assistants. 

Please note Myke Macino does not meet people, if any meeeting is ever agreed. The waiting time is 6 to 36 months.

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