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ME Hollywood Films Corporation Presents,..

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A Myke Macino Film 21 Seconds to Liv.jpg

21 Seconds to Liv.

21 Seconds a Myke Macino Film Miami.png

Rodrigo Solina is moving one Hundred million dollars a week of  pure cocaine it comes via submarine from Columbia to Miami, Larry White Head of the Miami PD says he will take down the cartel and stop at nothing, The Cartels Pusher Alvarado  swears Larry White will be assasinated next time he is in Miami at his Coconut Grove Mansion,.....

21 Seconds to Liv is a fast moving big budget action movie with stunts and special visual effects and a story line true to life never seen before,..

The merchandise is delivered to the Miami police department building in a US Postal Truck, to a private room where a bent cop takes the orders via email, then out goes the merchandise on pizza delivery bikes to your door,...

Once you have the delivery  you have twenty seconds to wire the money or the Cartels Miami Hit Squad will kill you fast,.. the Cartel gives you twenty seconds to pay on delivery, if need extra time you got one second.

Mr. Big the Drug Baron,...Fat Louis is in Beverly Hills California, raking in the profits one hundred million dollars a week from east and the west coast of the United States. The Final Chase is when Fat Louis arrives in Miami to meet Rodrigo the DEA are tracking him when they attempt to swoop with the FBI, they get the chase of a life time four Miami PD Helicopters a taken down by Bazooka the car action is mind blowing Rodrigo's Lamborghini chased by one hundred Cop Cars and six helicopters

Meanwhile back,...In the Miami Clubs more Narcotics are Pushed & Sold, men in plain white T Shirts Sell, men in plain black T Shirts arrive t buy, deals are done over one drink in the clubs they pay first via an IPad then the Merchadise is outside five minuets later in a car mostly Ferrari's take the car too, you just bought a million dollars of pure cocaine.  But If delivered to you're door Pay via bank wire at once or you got 21 seconds to Liv,.. where the pusher will send a hit squad to take you out. 


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