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Legal Notice.                                                  

Whilst we welcome your comments, it is our policy not to accept or consider any creative materials, such as scripts, synopsis, ideas, suggestions or anything else. Other than those whom we may request, this is to avoid litigation or legal disputes if your ideas are similar to those we may have developed independently, we must therefore request you do not upload, or send us any pitches, or creative materials of any description, including storys, ideas, suggestions or artwork.  

Any creative material you do transmit to this site  and any of our social network platforms. Will either be treated as non - confidential and non - proprietary and may be uses by us or our affiliates for any purpose, including reproduction, disclosure, reproduction, transmission, publication, broadcast, posting and in connection with creating and marketing products using such information. If you do not agree to accept  these terms to exit click here.      To accept these terms, click here. This Legal Disclaimer concerning unsolicited materials, in the format of scripts, screenplays, synopsis, budgets, they will been forwarded unread to the Legal & Business Affairs department of Macino Entertainment Hollywood for a legal response. 


Unfortunately, due to legal and insurance restrictions, Macino Entertainment Hollywood has a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance of unsolicited literary, dramatic or musical materials in any form for consideration of production. Material is only accepted for consideration when submitted by franchised literary agents or film production individuals with whom Macino Entertainment Hollywood has established a working relationship.  Therefore, we please ask that you do not send in any unsolicited materials.


Our main international switchboard number is: +1 213 788 7770.  Thank you for your interest in ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles.

ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles:

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