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Corporate Information:                                                                                

ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles.

The Company of ME Hollywood Films Corporation UK Ltd was founded by Myke Macino as World President CEO, Alex Macino COO, with Paul Tucker as British Vice President, & Randy Turrow as American Vice President in January 2021, to provide worldwide entertainment in theatres and international television, aswell as creating thousands of jobs in United Kingdom, Europe &  across the United States.


Our global executive team joined in 2022 creating our international presence in ten cities, across the world.


A Slate of one hundred and eighty titles were developed togeather by, Our unique CEO Myke Macino, & our COO Alex Macino, co developing in Monaco, with American Vice President Randy Turrow in Los Angeles and British Vice President & Hollywood Producer Paul Tucker. 

We now became a motion picture group, with blockbuster movies already under our umbrella. And over one hundred credits on film and TV across the world, Click Here For our production schedule Information.


Dreams come true at ME Hollywood Films Corporation Los Angeles,...And Block Buster Movies is what we do everyday.


The escalating IP range of one hundred and eighty movies we own has a minimum value of $2.6bUSD, to a current maximum value of $7.1b USD and annual turnover capacity of $260m USD + with our exclusive motion picture portfolio of $6.1bn USD.


Assuring today that ME Hollywood Films Corporation is an international company trading in the United States and the United Kingdom. And the fastest growing motion picture group in the world, employing up to 3,000 people a year across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom. With a total Production Slate Forecast of $28.8b USD. 


For Other Information on Production Empire  World Receptions  And For Our Senior Divisional Executive Team.

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Please do not visit any of our global offices without an appointment, Or to deliver mail or anything else. As you will not be seen by any executive and security will not allow you into the buildings. CCTV & 24 Hr Camera Operations in Progress.nor do we accept any unsolicited phone calls, or material, scripts, gifts, e-mail's or faxes or anything else. All emails , phone calls and communication is fully  monitored twenty four hrs a day, seven days a week by and  our international security division, see our  Legal disclaimer Click here.

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