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ME Hollywood Films Corporation Presents..

Annabelle Green

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Synopsis to Feature 121 Mins

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Annabelle Green Features the Biggest Shoot Out in Motion Picture History  over a million rapid  bullet hits in Birmingham, City Centre UK.

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Short Synopsis

A Unique Picture and British Film, A Birmingham nightclub owner with a beautiful Girlfriend has a team of gangsters running his club when a case of narcotics are stolen from the clubs office by Annabelle Green. A young woman on a night out with friends, she assumes the brief case is cash, although its full of class A pure cocaine. Then the biggest Drug Lord in the world, Lord Chung is on the way from from Thailand is on his way to collect his valuable merchandise in London.


The race is on to get back narcotics worth millions of pounds before Lord Chung arrives in Chinatown,  London for the biggest multi-billion drug deal of all time with the British Gangsters, who import it direct from Columbia so when the British gangsters are challenged, by a bunch of Chinese waiters over a misunderstanding, all hell breaks loose, only the strong will survive. Who will it be? A Very Big fight in London's Chinatown starts with twenty five waiters, they assume the Gangsters are looking for trouble, so they get it bad ! The Martial Arts Action is unparalleled. In the mean time the bosses Girlfriend is Kidnapped, after a mad car chase they get the girl back,... going into a nasty shoot out just outside the Birmingham City Centre, packed with explosions.


The race goes on the Special New Black BMW M5, Chases the green Lamborghini Huracan until they get the stuff back, Annabelle Green see the 6 O'Clock news a London crime boss has his two million pound of cash stolen from his nightclub office. A Reward is offered, terrified Annabella finds a way to return the merchandise and keep her life. A British Action Movie like never before in the city centres of London, Liverpool & Birmingham.


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