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Mark johnston, Stunt Co - Ordinator..

ME Hollywood Films Corporation.  

Fight Co Ordinator.jpg

Mark Johnston, joined ME Hollywood Films in 2022 after he wrote to Myke Macino, asking to work on his films, and the rest is history. He has been passionate about the world of stunts and daredevils since he was young. There’s nothing boring about a career in this field, and although being a professional Stunt Choreographer is challenging and rigorous, it’s also extremely exciting and rewarding. When co ordinating fight scenes and aggressive car chases.


Over the years,he had the chance to work on many different projects and productions, with each new experience making me better at what he does. Once the team was set up and our training in place, it has enabled him to be a one stop for stunts and fight co ordination. IMDb

Please note Myke Macino does not meet people, if a meeting is ever agreed. The waiting time is 6 to 36 months or more, often corporations are charged $2m USD to meet with him for the appointment, we don't really accept meeting requests.

 Our Main Offices Switchboard & Reception Desk in Los Angeles CA Mon thru Fri 10 am to 5 pm Tel: +1 213 788 7770

Please do not visit any of our global offices without an appointment, Or to deliver mail or anything else. As you will not be seen by any executive and security will not allow you into the buildings. CCTV & 24 Hr Camera Operations in Progress. Nor do we accept any unsolicited phone calls, or material, scripts, gifts, e-mail's or faxes or anything else. All emails , phone calls and communication is fully  monitored twenty four hrs a day, seven days a week by and  our international security division, see our  Legal disclaimer Click here.

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