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ME Hollywood Films Corporation presents,

The Prime Ministers bodyguard.

The Prime Ministers Bodyguard, is a high action British Action Adventure thriller. The British Prime Minister and admiral of the fleet, highest ranking officer in the British Navy with the foreign secretary has an emergency meeting in Hong Kong, he requests a special bodyguard to go undercover for his close protection in Hong Kong and to get him back to Number 10. Only the UK has the intelligence to stop World War 3. A Bodyguard is hired a specialist in Ninja Martial Arts.

There is cause for alarm when the local triads Hong Kong try to hi jack the Prime Ministers armoured convoy, the British secret service is controlling security door to door. After an amazing car chase, with several motor cycles right through Hong Kong at night concluding in shoot out with multiple explosions, the plot is foiled with a decoy as the PM is on a bus travelling through Hong Kong with the specialist VIP under cover body guard.

The twist is and ending of a successful mission, but the PM's body guard foils another plot with the secret police in Hong Kong while the escape and hideout in a Kowloon strip bar and onto  the safe return to number 10 in London. An action film like never before,........................................Written & Directed By Myke Macino.

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the leader of the Government, but not the head of state – that is the monarch.  Prime Ministers are not directly elected in the UK, but are generally leaders of whichever political party has the most seats in the House of Commons.  After a general election, the monarch will call upon the leader of the largest party to form the Government, but the holder of the office of prime minister can change mid-term if the political party chooses a new leader for any reason. 

The Prime Minister chooses the other members of the Government- eg Foreign Secretary etc. The PM has had a London residence and offices close to Parliament at 10 Downing Street since 1735.  They also has an official country residence, like Chequers, in Bucks.  This is a 16th century mansion and estate gifted to the nation in 1917 for the use of the Prime Minister.

the PM Body guard
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