Macino Entertainment Hollywood Presents,

The Beverly Hills Matchmaker Movie.

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A Myke Macino Film 

Beverly Hills Matchmaker is a feature length, Hollywood action movie. Five couples are set-up on their first dates. When due dilligence is done a little too late, by the new matchmakers personal assistant, so it turns out, three of the guys are ex-cons and their dates are in serious danger. One of the girls is held hostage with a steep ransom to be paid. the result a Beverly Hills Car Chase with a Yellow Lamborghini , as the girl is held captive. Ten BHPD Police Cars join the Lamborghini chase and air support.


The Matchmaker Patti,... steps in pleading to her with her powerful Gangster friends in Beverly Hills for their help. Before the Matchmaker and her friends can help, the second girl is kidnapped. The Los Angeles heat goes up with the and the LAPD lead a hot chase to get the last girl freed. But they third girl is  not in LA,  they took a flight to Vegas,...the heat goes up again over  to Vegas they go in a speeding Ferrari,..  resulting in a crazy foot chase through several hotel casinos to get the third and final girl, a fight then into the pool and they find out that is the wrong girl. She is in a penthouse on the strip.  

Now the Gangsters are getting mad,.. the heat goes on lets hope the third girl is still alive, the playboy forces her full of drink, drugs and pills. Can they rescue her in time, the Las Vegas Police storm the penthouse but the Gangsters want the guy first its a race to the top floor, wall to wall action, like never before.  

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