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Trisha Burton, Script Supervisor:

ME Hollywood Films Corporation


Trisha Burton, A script supervisor (also called continuity supervisor or script) is a member of a film crew who oversees the continuity of the motion picture including wardrobe, props, set dressing, hair, makeup and the actions of the actors during a scene. and is responsible for: 

Reports To: BNP, International Vice President.
Status: Regular, Full-time, Exempt
Department: Continuity & Script Supervison.
Location: Mill Hill, London, UK.


A script supervisor is a member of a film or television crew who maintains the stability of the script during pre-production, filming and postproduction. This person serves as a script liaison between people working on the set. The process can involve making continuity suggestions to help with script interpretation or taking notes between the actors, directors and production personnel. To ensure continuity between the script and what's being filmed, the script supervisor may advise on a variety of production details, such as costumes, props, sets and makeup.

Job Duties

Script supervisor duties include maintaining a detailed log of daily scene shots slated for production with accompanying production notes and continuity suggestions. These logs may also include shot numbers, director comments, camera settings and production statistics, such as the shot date, time and reel number. When filming is complete, these daily logs usually go to the postproduction and editing staff. Movie scenes may not be recorded in the order that they're written, so a script supervisor may also coordinate the activities of the camera crew on a scene-by-scene basis to maintain scene consistency.

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